Ishara Mara Project

The luxury resort Ishara Mara, located in Kenya, has equipped its gym with WaterRower and NOHrD products thanks to MyGym. This spectacular hotel is immersed in an African savannah bio-camp, surrounded by vast plains teeming with animal life. A place to lose yourself and discover a new world with the most luxury available on the market.

Altaf Jiwa, director of the Ishara Mara Hotel says: “The only fitness brands we feel are up to the standards of our resort are WaterRower and NOHrD. Because of the location and the very natural environment we are in, we need machines that are able to match the location. And we’ve been surprised, because what we didn’t expect is that they would stand out. They are incredible.

Altaf also refers to the importance of sustainability. “Another key factor in equipping our gym with WaterRower and NOHrD products is their commitment to sustainability. They are brands that are very conscious about caring for the planet, and they demonstrate this in the manufacture of their products”.

The Ishara Mara gym is designed in such a way that visitors can be paddling on the WaterRower or running on the SprintBok and contemplate African nature at its best. In addition, the chosen wood finish is American walnut, which has a darkened tone and blends in perfectly with the surroundings and landscape.

Altaf Jiwa describes the relationship between Ishara Mara and MyGym as excellent. “Working with MyGym has been a real pleasure and we have established a relationship that goes beyond the commercial. We have been surprised by the facilities they have offered us in everything, especially considering that we are in Kenya and they are in Spain. I hope to work with them again in the not too distant future”.

MyGym’s international experience was evident in this project. Joaquín Mendoza, project manager, tells what it has meant for them to carry out this work. “It is perhaps one of the most impressive projects we have ever done. The environment is unique and that has favoured the result. It was quite a fun and challenging few months for us, but we managed to meet all the deadlines”.

The Ishara Mara joins the growing list of MyGym projects equipped with WaterRower and NOHrD products.”