About us

of the company

MYGYM was created more than 25 years ago. Since our origin, we have wanted to differentiate ourselves by creating sports areas or Sports Spaces that offer the user a unique experience, always offering the most innovative products at all times and always taking care of the personalised attention to our customers.

In addition to the numerous projects we have developed, something that endorses our commitment and the quality of our service, today we continue to maintain a close relationship with the clients with whom we collaborated at the beginning of our journey.78

We have evolved along with the sector, leaving our mark on the projects we have carried out. This evolution has guided us in our quest for sustainable business development. Society is advancing by leaps and bounds towards increasingly healthier habits in terms of food, exercise, the environment… We have understood that, as an expert company in the sports, fitness and health sector, we must take on greater responsibility and provide the necessary means so that people can fulfil their vital objectives in a sustainable and responsible way. On this path, we have come across WaterRower and NOHrD.

WaterRower/NOHrD Distributors

We are exclusive distributors of the prestigious WaterRower and NOHrD brands in Spain and Portugal.

WaterRower y NOHrD

About WaterRower

Widely regarded as the most realistic rowing simulator on the water, WaterRower has been dedicated to creating rowing machines of exceptional quality and design for over 30 years.


About NOHrD

WaterRower’s sister brand is NOHrD. It was created to meet the growing demand from WaterRower customers, who were looking for fitness equipment with the same functionality and innovative design. The aim of all NOHrD products is to offer beautiful, well-made equipment that does not compromise on form or functionality.


Brand philosophy

One of the premises that marks the philosophy of both brands is sustainability.  All products are handcrafted from solid wood, sustainably treated and sourced from the Appalachian Mountains (USA).


Brand values

The 4 pillars on which these two brands work are: Design, quality, innovation and sustainability. These values can be seen in each and every one of their products. At MyGym we have found in these brands the perfect option to promote one of our main objectives as a company: to create sports spaces that offer unique experiences.



In the search for sustainable development, WaterRower and NOHrD have different sustainability certificates, such as the Phytosanitary certificate or the NHLA sustainability certificate. The functionality of these products is not tied to electricity, reducing consumption to a minimum. It is only necessary for the metrics offered by some monitors such as the SprintBok or the NOHrD Wall Compact.




We have a large team, characterised by its passion for the sector, as well as for the relationship with our customers.



We have combined both the experience and background of the founding members with the new ideas and passion of the younger members.



The impact of this combination can be seen in our daily development and in the adaptation of our traditional method to today’s digitalisation.



Always available, always attentive, a team of exceptional human value that will always seek to provide the best possible solution to any project that arises.